Our Story

When I began my breastfeeding journey, I felt obliged to purchase one of the dull looking nursing bras that I could see on the shelf. Not just because there was nothing but dull and uninspiring designs, but because I thought that is what my life had become now that I was a mother. However this wasn't good enough for me and I thought it shouldn't be good enough for any other woman out there in my position. I was young, ambitious, confident and I wanted my underwear to reflect that...whether I was a mother or not.

Marelle Lingerie was founded in 2019 by myself, Maya Dupre, and I was later joined by my partner Khateeja Ali who shares my same vision. Our aim is first and foremost to empower women through our beautiful and also functional designs that allow every woman to feel confident and sexy!

We are now pleased to announce our newest venture Marelle Apparel... Comfortable stylish and elegant clothing for women.