5 Ways You Can Spruce up Your Home in Lockdown

The lockdown experience has forced most of us to spend more time in our homes and with that comes the perfect opportunity to make a few home improvements. 

Let's keep it real everyone aspires to have an "instagramable" home but don't all want to break that bank in order to get it! Decorating your space is all about aesthetics and doesn't require a massive makeover so long as you have a few essential pieces and are happy to take on some of the work yourself! We're going to let you in on the best ways to spruce up your home in lockdown.

1. Wall art... Having something on the walls can instantly make a difference to the entire room, making it feel more complete and finished. Prints are one of the best and easiest ways to cover your walls. Desenio do some lovely prints and you can often find a discount code to use if you head over to their Instagram.

2. Add textures... Adding texture to a room can contribute to creating a homey and cosy vibe and also give them room more dynamic. Items like a fluffy rug or large cushions are perfect for this.

3. A lick of paint! The most obvious and underated room changer! Obviously we love our neutrals but a fresh layer of paint in any colour can make the room instantly look fresh and clean. 

4. Upgrades... Upgrading some of the details in the room like your curtains and lampshades can make a huge change. Replace boring plain lampshades for something prettier. Glass pendant lights are perfect if you want to keep it chic and simple. Or for more of a statment piece you could add a chandelier style shade for a more glamorous vibe.

5.The details... Finally to add those finishing touches you are going to want to get a few feature pieces for the room. These are the items that you'll usually get the 'omg where did you get that' dm from because these are the most simple and yet aesthetically pleasing parts of a room. Below are some of our fav room fillers of the month.




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